Welcome to Fionix Forum! I didn’t realize how unique my career had been until I ran into a friend who was looking to fill a role. He was lamenting the fact that he needed someone who had expertise with internal and external communications, as well as community outreach. “I need you,” he said. “But I can’t find you.”

Obviously he didn’t literally mean me. But from that point I started noticing that there aren’t that many people who have the kind of varied background I’ve enjoyed.

Which brings me to today! The purpose of Fionix Forum is to bring it all together. To explore, to share and to comment on all things PR, internal comms, events and outreach. And why Fionix? Urban Dictionary defines it as “a girl who isn’t afraid to fight. Some people even call her the alpha. She normally has blonde hair and slightly different colored eyes. She is strong, fearless, and loyal.” Sounds good to me.

I hope you enjoy and share your feedback – our sharing of ideas will be the best part.

So hang on to your hat – let’s get started on our journey!

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