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With more than 25 years of experience dealing with a wide-range of crises, we are uniquely qualified to help you anticipate and manage potential and real threats to your organization.


From internal change management to national crisis responses and everything in between, we can help with our award-winning approach to issues management.


       When crisis struck our organization Fionix Consulting was quick to act. They evaluated our situation, asked the hard and important questions, and worked hard to understand our needs, environment, and audience. They were sensitive to our crisis, nonjudgment, and we quickly felt as though they were part of us. Within a matter of hours, we had a robust and detailed communication plan of action that was exactly what we needed. Fionix helped us communicate exactly what we were unable to say. We couldn’t be more happy and grateful for their help and expertise. They helped us walk through one of the most difficult situations we’ve faced as an organization.

             Fionix Consulting was exactly what we needed as we navigated through a challenging decision that was made by our leadership and they effectively led us through all of the needed communication. They are professional, with broad expertise, and a strong, 'down-to-earth' leadership style, which enabled them to develop an aggressive yet realistic approach while keeping us on track. We had a wonderful outcome and their multi-level plan was just what we needed to effectively communicate to all.

Our Experience

  • Data Breach

  • (Potential) Sale of the Company

  • Social Media Crises

  • Customer/client-impacting issues including safety issues, weather-related incidents, elimination of services, location closings, and more.

  • Health-related issues including COVID-19, Hepatitis A, Ebola virus, bed bugs, flu shots and shortages, H1N1, and more.

  • Social issues, such as discrimination.

Our Expertise

  • Comprehensive Crisis Planning

  • Specific Issue Response

  • Social Media Response

  • Executive Coaching

  • Media Training

  • Crisis Training & Drills

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