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Why Fionix?

When I decided to start my company, I needed a name.

I didn't have any interest in a company bearing my name - too boring. I really wanted something that would represent my communications philosophy, the value I bring to clients, and my personality.


It was a tall order.

As I was brainstorming, I realized that I kept coming back to the symbolism of a phoenix rising.


The phoenix is a global legend, with a presence in almost in all cultural traditions. With references in ancient Egyptian, Greek, Native American and Celtic cultures, among others, the legend of the phoenix describes a magnificent creature that is a symbol of renewal and rebirth. This venture was to be a new, exciting direction for my career, and I wanted to work with my clients to elevate, lift and improve their organizations. 

So the idea of the phoenix really resonated with me.


But the name “phoenix” is everywhere, and I'm not based out of Phoenix.


So I went searching for international and phonetic spellings, and pieced together "fionix."


I immediately loved it, so I jumped online to see if anything already had the name. Nothing did. 

And then I found the golden nugget. Urban Dictionary defines “fionix” as, “a girl who isn’t afraid to fight. Some people even call her the alpha. She normally has blond hair and slightly different colored eyes. She is strong, fearless, and loyal.”



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