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Developing a Strategic Communications plan? Listen to do it right the first time!

Developing your strategic communications plan is not a quick & easy process. Jessica Graham, APR, Fellow APR, Fionix Consulting, Charlotte, NC, provides useful guidelines to help you better understand context and content needed to produce a successful strategic communications plan for your clients or office.  Jessica outlines how she proceeds both as a "front and center" consultant or a member of the client's team to provide the needed services.  Her holistic approach could be valuable to you. If you have been in search of strategic communications guidance this is your episode.

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BrandBuilders with Guest Jessica Graham

You want people to think positive thoughts about your business, right? Building a good brand message is essential to your sales and profits, and building a good corporate image is important to your place in the community. Books have been written on how to do that, and our next guest on BrandBuilders Podcast does that for a living.

Jessica Martin Graham owns Fionix Consulting, and has more than 25 years designing and leading strategic communications and community outreach for companies. She helps them look good and communicate what they’re about to the public — in other words, public relations.

What to Do When Your Boss Asks You To Spread Dirt on a Competitor 

Jessica Graham, APR, Fellow PRSA, president of Fionix Consulting, has spent more than 25 years designing and leading strategic communications and community outreach initiatives to companies throughout the Carolinas and beyond. She’s provided award-winning successful programs for a wide range of organizations in the retail, telecommunications, legal, healthcare, and education industries.

She discusses:

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