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What a Difference a Year Makes

sparkler - New Year's Eve

Wow. One year ago today I officially launched Fionix Consulting LLC! And what a year it has been, filled with great clients and gracious colleagues, amazing partnerships, exciting opportunities, and yes, a few bumps in the road. I wouldn’t change it for the world!

For those of you who are considering going into business for yourself or if you’re early in the journey, I have learned a few tricks along the way, but the biggest one is this:

Get Help.

Find nonbiased, objective people (not your mom) who can help you focus and make some tough decisions. That can be a mentor, a business coach, or even a colleague. I have actually used two business coaches – two very different individuals with very different expertise, who have both helped me in very different ways.

Find biased, totally-supportive-no-matter-what-you-do people (hi, mom!) who can encourage you and celebrate successes with you. Even on the days that you can’t think of anything to celebrate.

Recognize what you’re NOT good at doing or what you don’t like to do. Find someone else who does it, and make that investment. Trust me, it’s worth it. I used a bookkeeper to set me up in Quickbooks and a data entry professional to consolidate my contacts into Insightly. Those small investments saved me countless hours – and headaches.

Network – online and in person. Find people who are doing or have done what you’re doing. If you can’t find a good networking group that meets your needs, create one. Join online groups. You will pick up best practices, find some great tips, expand your network, and find potential collaborations you would have never realized.

Hire a GREAT accountant.

And lastly, remember to celebrate milestones like your first anniversary!

P.S. – Here are a few resources I used during my first year that I would recommend to others. Where I have a referral or discount links, I’ve included those. If you’re looking for something, not on this list, let me know. And if you have recommended resources to share, let me know!

CliftonLarsonAllen (a GREAT accountant – specifically Wendi Boddy)

Institute Success (business coach)

Positive Well-Being (business coach)

Neatbooks (bookkeeper/organizer)

LegalZoom (legal expertise)

Quickbooks Online (accounting software)

Insightly (customer relationship software)


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