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My Magic Carpet Ride

I'm a klutz. I trip and fall quite a bit - always have. It's part of my charm.

Magic Carpet

Seriously, I do, and while sometimes I can do it quite gracefully, usually it’s unexpected, disorienting, and it hurts. Suddenly I’m on the ground wondering how exactly I got there.

It’s a feeling I had about three months ago when I had the rug pulled out from under me. I had a good job that I loved for almost six years, and then all those buzzwords you hear so much about came into my life. A new CEO. Corporate Restructuring. Layoffs.

For the first time since I was in school, I found myself unemployed. I was disoriented but also relieved to be free of the constant stress I had worked under for quite some time. I found myself spending time with my family and seeing friends and colleagues I hadn’t had the time to see in months, sometimes years. I started reconnecting with professional and social groups that I had joined but not really become a part of thanks to my busy schedule.

The bottom line? There’s a life out here, and it’s one I want to live. For a long time, I had moments of anger and terror, wondering if this change had somehow ruined my and my family’s lives. What if that was it and I never make another cent? What if my career is over? Then I had a moment of revelation. That’s not my story. And I’m not going to let that be my story.

So I’ve decided on my next step, and I’m over the moon excited about it! I hope you’ll join me on my journey as I turn that rug into a magic carpet. Stay tuned…


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